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Calling all Aspiring and Emerging Leaders:
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"Cultivating the Leader in You"
By Craig Harrison

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"This book is an instant masterpiece.

Encapsulating wisdom from antiquity to modern day pop culture on the subject of leadership, Craig has unveiled the truth…that anyone can become a leader.

This book makes leadership traits and principles equitably accessible to absolutely everyone, and gives readers a pithy, yet powerful, action plan for success."

— Jill Buck, Founder
Executive Director Go Green Initiative Association

"Savor this book! Read it cover to cover, or have the fun of opening to any page.

Deeply ponder the jewel it offers, then seek to embody it.

In Eastern wisdom, if you do not do what is yours to do, there is a hole in the universe. With Craig’s help, you can be the leader you are meant to be!"

— Ellen Augustine, Author,
Taking Back Our Lives